Tuesday, April 5, 2011


My friend Paul showed me how a computer program can locate my phone (and hopefully me) anywhere in the world. It is working rather well and keeping my somewhat worried Mom at ease in being able to see the exact street intersection I am at at almost any given moment. She even followed my for a few seconds as the plane TOOK OFF in Vancouver. Very cool. She saw me on the runway... then advancing down the tarmac... then suddenly gone as signal was lost at altitude. Really impressive software. With the map of Manila here the only thing you cannot tell is how crazy big this city is! I am a waaayyyyy smaller dot that the blue one you see there!

The program is me.com and it is free. You can pay for a bigger version that does more (or get it free for 60 days like I am doing).

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Tina Winterlik said...

Super Cool William, that is nice for your mom. I am happy for her, and you! Safe Travels, Amigo!!