Monday, February 18, 2008


Two disparate and absurd events on this one Sunday…
A) Big hike BACK from an overnight hike at Elphin lakes with a friend who got really sick. I snowshoed down 3 hours carrying TWO packs! Made me feel like I was a Nepalese Porter. My sick friend thought he either had pneumonia or worst case it was renal failure (he had a kidney transplant 20 years ago). Once at the car he was not much better so we drove quickly back from Squamish and dropped him at the hospital in Vancouver where they ended up keeping him for 3 days.  

B) Same day (but at night) went to photograph Marilyn Manson in Vancouver for the Georgia Straight. First time EVER shooting a gig where I was allowed only ONE song to shoot. That is 4 measly minutes! The job was made tougher by a security bully who would randomly push me hard within my 4 minutes. 
Marilyn had a knife-mic and I got a shot of "Marilyn" holding the knife-mic in one hand and touching my camera lens with the other. Sadly the securi-jerk shoved me again before I could get another without Marilyn's thumb blocking his cheek.

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